The Plan

Canada’s Web Shop (now known as Metric Marketing) was looking for a way to generate incoming leads and leverage their positive public opinion among their clients. I was approached by the CWS marketing team to develop a plan to achieve these goals through a video project. Having just recently wrapped up a similar project I had a successful process to implement. We drafted a number of scripts and storyboards to represent various styles that we discussed. After the storyboard I presented was approved, it was time to book our videographer.

Quiet On The Set!

Canada’s Web Shop had just recently met a Videographer new to the city and scheduled a booking to have him visit the office for a day. I directed his talents and efforts while making use of his advice and equipment to record as many client testimonials, planned monologues from staff, and B-Roll as there were hours in the day. The weather luckily agreed with us and allowed us to get a number of great outdoor shots, including an unplanned climb to the roof that represents the first shot of the final product, and a conquering of fears for all involved.

Illustrating Our Point

We used a combination of testimonials and animated screenshots to communicate our message. Using the storyboard as a guide I set out capturing all of the relevant screens and preparing animation-ready layered files of them. Our audio was to consist of a single music track I edited that originally came up about 10 seconds short, our voice over actor, and the individual testimonials. I learned during this period that watching and transcribing testimonials into useful, dynamic soundbites is a challenging activity!

Putting It All Together

I did my best to prepare animation-ready layered screenshots and keep record of exact time-codes that would come in handy for editing testimonials. I got started at the beginning and treated each featured client’s testimonial/work as a milestone suitable for review by Canada’s Web Shop. With a few revisions and edits along the way the fruits of all our hard work paid off resulting in the sharp video featured below. Have a look!

Canada's Web Shop