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It All Starts With A Plan

Rear Wheel contacted me regarding a promotional video idea he had been working on, script in hand. It was a big project, so taking a structured approach from the beginning was important. We discussed ideas like the possibility of voice overs, animated vs live-action footage, length, and goals. With the project outline agreed upon we revised the script a bit to fit our goals and I picked up my pencil to start story-boarding. The storyboards were near perfect for the vision he had for this project and after a quick revision I was ready to put our plan into action.

Assets & Illustration

With the storyboards in hand, and years of motion graphics experience behind me, I began to take stock of every font, illustration, sound effect, and music file that would be needed. I began assembling all of these assets detailed in my inventory in order to prepare for a review presentation. When I was finished this crucial step we sat down to look over the illustrative elements to ensure the building blocks of this project were still aligned with the end product we had envisioned together.

Creating Styleboards

There’s a substantial gap between seeing illustrative elements laid out in a presentation and seeing them acting in concert to produce an immersive audio and visual experience. I wanted to show exactly how I envisioned all of these elements working in concert to help my client share the vision I had for them. I selected critical moments from our storyboard and created styleboard mock-ups of a selection of them as still-frames which would very closely represent stills from the final product. From illustration to watchable video is an intense journey, so this step helped us both feel on-track and involved.


The last leg of the project is always the most rewarding. It’s an exciting experience to prepare a video preview of an idea you’ve been imagining for weeks and finally get to watch. We worked in stages with regular checkpoints for review to ensure ideas generated by the design-review discussions could be considered and hours of work wouldn’t get an ‘undo’ treatment. When we finished up the project we had an entertaining video that met our initial goals and could look back on a clear, effective process that kept both Rear Wheel and myself feeling engaged and excited.

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